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Welcome to the World Seller Alpha!

Welcome to the World Seller Alpha! Here, we’d like to cover some of what you can expect in this first and early version of World Seller, what sort of feedback we’re looking for, and as well as where we plan to go from here. When you play World Seller, you’ll have one character slot to progress with. We’ll be doing our best to not require character wipes, so feel free to keep this savefile as long as you like. That said, if you encounter any strange errors, please back up your save file and start a fresh character. We might be able to fix the save file, but we can’t guarantee it.

Warning: Try to always keep a backup save file, just in case!

What Is World Seller?

World Seller is a game about leveling up a bunch of interconnected skills, and progressing through the various stages of the game. You’ll start out being able to Forage and Log, and quickly you’ll be able to unlock other skills such as Fishing, Alchemy, Combat, Mercantile, and more! Each skill has its own progression that’s intertwined with other skills, but the general flow is that you’ll Gather resources and Refine them into items. Over time, you’ll unlock workers, which let you automate some tasks.

Tip: As you level up, more recipes and locations will be unlocked automatically!

What Can I Do?

In this first version of World Seller, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Gather resources
  • Refine resources into items
  • Utilize a basic automation system to automate gathering, refining, as well as selling items
  • Utilize a basic mercantile system to sell excess items
  • Upgrade your shop
  • Try out single-fight combat
  • Explore dungeons and fight bosses
  • Unlock achievements

Tip: Leveling up each skill will unlock new abilities for you to bring into combat!

What Do We Want To Upgrade?

Over time, we plan to make many improvements to World Seller - we have big ambitions! For now, our immediate list has the following on it:

  • Add a visual map of the game. This will allow players to have something less “app-y” and more “game-y” to look at. If possible, we’ll keep the “app-y” version as an option, but the visual will be what we want to focus on.
  • Make sure mobile is supported. Right now, we’re only supporting desktop resolutions.
  • Add native downloads for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Add more skills - our first planned one is Enchanting.

What Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for feedback on the following:

  • UI improvements (especially around gathering and refining)
  • Balance suggestions
  • Trade skill suggestions
  • Any bugs

When reporting a bug, please include your savefile. You can export it by going to settings -> Export Character.

Join Us!

You can join us on Discord to participate in the discussion, ask questions, or report bugs. Or just hang out!

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