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Making a Mod

In preparation for users to be able to customize their experience in World Seller, we’ve prepared a mod API to allow you to make custom content! First and foremost, we’ve got a guide on mod.io that describes how to do this in more depth, what you can do, and how you should handle your mods. Some day, we’d like to have mod tools for users to use, but unfortunately today isn’t that day.

That said, this post will cover what sorts of mods you can expect to someday see (and make today, if desired!). Mods will fall into two categories: visual and functional. Visual mods would affect sound effects and add themes, while functional mods could add new items, recipes, dungeons, or basically anything you see in the game today.

Visual Mods

As previously stated, these mods can affect the presentation of the game. There are a lot of sound effects a modder could choose to replace, ranging from tradeskill-specific start noises, to selling noises, and more. There’s a really basic mod that does this.

The other thing these mods can do is add themes, or custom CSS. These mods are not required to make everything into their own theme, but it is encouraged. However, if there were some QOL or UI rearrange mods, one good way to do it would be to add global CSS. Most mods will probably prefer to create themes for their own viewing pleasure. One such mod has been prepared to showcase what can be done as of today.

Functional Mods

These mods are where most of the meat will come from. These mods can add new gathering locations, new crafting recipes, new resources, new items, new abilities, new combat effects, new enemies, new threats, and new dungeons. They can also replace existing game content, if they wanted to update all of the icons, for example.

Factoring this in, users could create further challenges to share with the community to reach even higher heights. They could also test possible rebalances to existing content, or create entirely custom experiences.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.