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How Combat Works

Combat Primer

So you got beat up by a Goblin. You’re probably wondering how you can overcome it. They’re pretty mean for being weak critters. Part of this is on us: they’re a little beefier than we expected. But there’s definitely a lot going on, and there’s a lot of ways you can bulk up for combat. There’s also a few bugs that made stat calculations not entirely accurate that have been resolved.

About Combat

Combat is turn-based, where the turn order is determined by Speed. Higher speeds take turns more frequently.

When in combat, to target something, you first click what you want to use, then what you want to use it on. So, if you want to attack, you’ll click Attack, then an enemy. These targets are highlighted with a faint glow so you can see who a valid target is for an item or ability.


First and foremost, equipment will give you the much-needed stat boosts you need to survive. They give you the following stats:

  • every point of Armor is a flat 1 damage reduction (if you see no Armor stats, we’re working on that).
  • every point of Mitigation is -1% damage (capped at 75%)
  • every point of Attack is +1 damage
  • every point of Speed makes you go significantly faster

Tip: Giving yourself a weapon and armor will get you pretty far, but there’s more you can do.

More Speed

Any way you can increase your Speed, do so. By increasing your Speed, you increase the number of turns you get per combat.

The first Goblin has 3 Speed (as of writing), and if you get 4 Speed, you will get more turns than the Goblin.

More Levels

By leveling up everything, you will increase your stats, too. For example, the following things are true:

  • your Speed goes up by your total level divided by 30
  • your Attack goes up by your total level divided by 20
  • your Health goes up by your total level divided by 3
  • your Energy goes up by your total level divided by 10

Tip: Leveling up all of your tradeskills is a good way to get more stats in combat.

Equip Skills

When you’ve attained Combat level 1, as well as other increments for other skills, you’ll learn more skills. For example, a very powerful ability you can learn is Fisherman’s Swiftness, by getting Fishing level 10 and Combat level 1.

Additionally, you can equip a skill multiple times if you’d like to use it multiple times in combat. This can let you effectively stack buffs, or stockpile healing abilities.

Tip: Leveling up all of your tradeskills is a good way to get more abilities in combat.

Equip Items and Food

Crafting items will help you out by giving you access to limited-use abilities. For example, if you create Potions of Fire, those will do direct damage to enemies. Any item that has an ability attached to it can be equipped in combat.

Food is a uniquely useful type of item. They can heal you out of combat, give you buffs or stats when you enter combat, or heal you while you’re in combat. If a food is in your food slot, it will give you start-of-combat buffs and stats. Otherwise, some foods have unique abilities when you eat them in combat.

Tip: Having a full loadout when you enter combat will help you better prepare for the horrors that lie ahead.

Go In At Full Health

It may seem obvious, but to ensure your best success in combat, you’ll want to go into combat at full health and energy. If you take damage, it is not healed automatically at the end of combat. You can heal by right clicking food in your inventory when out of combat.

Dungeons are different, and don’t allow this behavior. We want dungeons to be strategic delves that offer satisfactory rewards for the effort you put in.

Tip: Dungeons require preparation, and do not let you eat food out of combat unless you equip it in an item slot first.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.