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Version Updates

0.1.10 (2023-03-31)

Bug Fixes

  • analytics: fix analytics not sending correct events in some cases (02feb89)
  • analytics: worker page should track alloc/unalloc (e8a863b)
  • beginner: beginner notifications for unlocking various content will no longer fire multiple times (8dd47b1)
  • character: health/energy maxes are now reflected properly when changing gear; remove health bonus/energy bonus stat from equipment dropdown (60f2e19)
  • combat: cauterize can actually kill you (d27907d)
  • combat: display turnsLeft=-1 as ∞ (db6f070)
  • combat: if an ability is removed from the game, it will not cause loadout errors (ce8a90e)
  • dungeon: can no longer heal by entering a dungeon (6ad963b)
  • dungeon: you can no longer change equipment while in a dungeon (a55e534)
  • gathering: add scrollbar to gathering cards (50a133f)
  • gathering: inconsistent card heights (2fffecb)
  • gathering: show hhmmss for gathering nodes (8bf133b)
  • mercantile: shop multiplier should multiply correctly (21fa11f)
  • mercantile: upgrading stockpile will no longer do it twice for one click (ccb48d0)
  • ui: alerts should be wider in some cases, and confirms should be correctly-sized (4a74e4f)
  • ui: improved rarity color readability (902dd7f)
  • worker: workers will now correctly craft items (f677838)
  • worker: workers will now take from stockpile instead of inventory (40585d6)


  • analytics: better tracking of coin gain/loss (c8bf441)
  • analytics: track achievement stat gains globally (f28d318)
  • analytics: track worker activity (64eef39)
  • combat: show buff duration on bar instead of hiding in tooltip (13d70e4)
  • debug: add debugging tools to get every item and resource (2f6cc42)
  • farming: increase farming plots. change design to be cooler and more epic. (f3b767e)
  • gathering: better indicators for allocated workers (6a2aed2)
  • gathering: show worker progress on nodes; slim cooldown text (ffc7b89)
  • mercantile,inventory: add functionality to multi select and send items/sell items (4a71290)
  • mercantile: add shopkeep recovery speed (905deca)
  • mercantile: workers scale their mercantile efforts based on the work they put in for an item (f9136c1)
  • refining: refining can now type in numbers (411eb0f)
  • sfx: add unique sfx categories for each tradeskill [not yet utilized]. add sfx for farming/prospecting (6e04b49)
  • skills: notify user when they learn a new skill (7b4bee2)
  • ui: add ‘you’ indicator so the player knows that inventory/resources are theirs (88d567e)
  • ui: add message history area (709963b)
  • worker: workers will never consume items needed for another workers refinement process (391ded7)
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