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Version Updates

0.2.3 (2023-04-27)

Bug Fixes

  • core: load items by both their name and aliases so ??? doesnt show up anymore in real-name (e8bba28)
  • jewelry: rebalance jewels so they each give an individualized bonus IC vs OOC (f410df0)
  • refine: refine should be sorted by result name, not its id (a83c155)


  • dungeon: show recommended total level for dungeons (e0fda48)
  • equipment: display stats in a more condensed view so % doesnt have its own stat line for everything (590685b)
  • jewelcrafting: queue can go to level 5 now (53070cc)
  • jewelry: add new gems, jewelry, transmuting (7df489e)
  • transmutation: can now transmute x5 and x25; analytics updated to support new values; sfx supports failure state (090a0ab)

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