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Version Updates

0.2.0 (2023-04-12)

Bug Fixes

  • asset: fix moss svg. update svg validator to factor in other strange potential circumstances (10a9852)
  • cloud: cloud savefiles should use latest save, not highest level (8cc1b2d)
  • combat: only add log messages if a combat is going on (4fd0430)
  • content: quartz copper tongue piercing should require the copper tongue piercing (c4bc2f7)
  • core: content service should load before the rest of the app (f1e6573)
  • core: discovering things works again (7d16ae5)
  • error: error handler will no longer fire on .netlify.app; somehow this triggers a lot of random errors, probably since it’s a headless browser (8a52bcc)
  • gathering: remove change detection because cooldown number doesnt go down correctly (3cac7b8)
  • import: importing a character will no longer reset all options and mods; it will preserve whatever options and mods are currently locally set/installed, but it still will not save them (babefa4)
  • item,resource: add real-name component to look up real names of items (da1939b)
  • item: add blank item stats for reasons (e926c2f)
  • item: items should show the lower sell value to reduce confusion (2bcdb1f)
  • mod: mods shouldnt break the ui anymore (79e545d)
  • refining: time resource should have commas (0d066ec)
  • theme: specify white for refining form field edits, hopefully make them show up correctly (76490f7)
  • transmutation: add item rarity to transmutation page (00a4e1c)
  • worker: workers will not take preserved items (30bf04f)


  • cloud: add cloud save syncing (d0d2142)
  • equip: improve equip interface (9c996ed)
  • farming: farming now supports workers and an upgrade for it (cc2f076)
  • gathering: gathering will tell you if you’re gathering somewhere else (496fbf1)
  • settings: add setting to hide notifications (23c529e)
  • ui: better inline-notify per tradeskill (907cf33)
  • updates: add download/play link at bottom of auto update notes (475af7b)
  • validator: add validation to make sure everything in game is creatable (c76c90f)
  • worker: workers will now show what ingredients they’re missing when crafting (d61fea0)

Download the latest update on itch.io or play online.

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