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Version Updates

0.1.9 (2023-03-29)

Bug Fixes

  • combat: dying should leave you with 1 hp when you get out of combat (ed358b1)
  • combat: pre-turn healing/energy should work again (914f54a)
  • combat: properly round damage/heal/energyheal (ad1b5a6)
  • core: better decimal number protection when selling items (6b914e2)
  • core: fix a null-access error for effects (74cfa1c)
  • dungeon: show item drops from monsters while in dungeon (bdd2f40)
  • farming: can now plant anything, not just seeds (850c8c2)
  • farming: hide /0 on farming pages (db37b00)
  • gathering: gathering tradeskills will now ask you to cancel if you have an ongoing gathering elsewhere (393871d)
  • inventory,stockpile: can no longer oversell [which forces quick sell] (76d41f5)
  • inventory: can no longer sell in shop if mercantile isn’t unlocked (f19734d)
  • item: migrating items should consider not resetting durability and other important values (f56a643)
  • mercantile,inventory: sell -> list for sale (48b810d)
  • mercantile: sell value is appropriately multiplied for quick sell, and all other sell methods. (fec45c0)
  • refining: invert interpretation of refining filters to make it seem more intuitive (7977c9c)
  • refining: refining item colors should be correct, sort recipes so the uncraftables are at the bottom (3693908)
  • resources: hopefully fix the ability to gain nothing (f5ec647)
  • resources: resources page should not display max indicator or bold text (445fb6f)
  • settings: when set to 0, sfx will no longer play at max volume (52fc93f)
  • stats: character stat gain incorrectly did not work for non-total-level scaling (2c99953)
  • stats: healing/energy restoration are more explicit about what they do and when (a67664d)
  • title: page title should not show 00:00:00 (0893de6)
  • transmute: transmute page should look like a normal page; tooltips, probabilities, etc are added (1f73e4b)
  • ui: be more clear with yes/no alerts (fdc883e)
  • workers: lower free workers to 3. decrease upkeep costs to ignore free workers. (ab7972e)
  • workers: more clarification when workers make an item where it goes (1fb9621)
  • workers: workers should show the correct refining tradeskill (89c043a)
  • worker: workers can no longer gather nothing (5bc83f1)


  • achievements: show count of achievements on page (bda8030)
  • analytics: track what items users are equipping (2567c24)
  • analytics: track what options users are setting (baedd5b)
  • gathering: add location discovery tracker to top right (0cd19f1)
  • gathering: gathering locations tell you when their cooldown is up (0f2599e)
  • gathering: gathering nodes can be marked as favorite, and will show up at the start of the list. ref #43 (fc0c17f)
  • gathering: gathering skills will show the real time factoring in equipment (955e73e)
  • home: announcement area will have more information if it refuses to load (07251f5)
  • inventory,stockpile: left click/cursor pointer indicator to let people know they have actions (4b395c7)
  • inventory: lock inventory until you find your first item (78b93ba)
  • item: item tooltips now show the item value (1453dd3)
  • loadout: add button to signal that things can change (87283b5)
  • refining,gathering: add tooltips for adding/removing workers (a5b338e)
  • refining,gathering: show when +1 level would be earned from an action (421e4bc)
  • refining: add colors to refining names (7ebda00)
  • refining: add recipe discovery tracker to top right (000f3d7)
  • refining: all refining can hide discovered crafting tables to clear list clutter (823deca)
  • refining: can star refining recipes to keep them visible/pinned. closes #43 (94af199)
  • refining: crafting queue is upgradeable. rework crafting queue visual area (c65656e)
  • refining: display crafting yields next to applicable items (899734d)
  • refining: tradeskill SFX will only play when finishing an entire queue, instead of per item (65cf27d)
  • resources,inventory,stockpile: remember last tab (0700071)
  • resource: show resource quantity in tooltip (45d5c51)
  • settings: add ui setting for notification position. move default to top left (e96e59a)
  • sidebar: add farming complete indicator to sidebar (42d9724)
  • ui: add striped tables for most of the interface (de4ee20)
  • ui: add timer for longest running timer to tab header. (1ffd5cd)
  • worker: add ability to unallocate worker from worker page + unallocate all workers (2c52da5)
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